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omg so my website went down... now I am putting up this page as a placeholder because I have been wanting to remake my website for a while with a new backend but have not had the chance to do it yet...

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Maya Man is an artist focused on contemporary identity culture on the internet. Her websites, generative series, and installations examine dominant narratives around femininity, authenticity, and the performance of self online. She is the creator of the browser extension Glance Back and the Art Blocks curated collection FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT. She has exhibited internationally at bitforms, NYC; SOOT, Tokyo; Verse, London; HEK, Basel; and Feral File, online. She has been invited to speak on her work at The New Museum, NYC; The V&A, London; and MOCA, Los Angeles. Her artwork has been featured in Art in America, Forbes, Vogue, Dazed, and more. She is online at mayaontheinter.net.

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I'm currently reading war and peace...