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Body, Movement, Language: A.I. Sketches with Bill T. Jones

Body, Movement, Language is a collection of experiments made at the intersection of art, technology, identity, and the body. The project resulted from a two-way residency between award-winning choreographer Bill T. Jones and the Google Creative Lab.

Inspired by Jones' long history of intertwining improvised speech and dance, these experiments invite anyone to explore the possibilities of combining speech, movement, and machine learning while making new connections with Jones’ iconic work. Built using PoseNet, a machine learning model running in browsesr on Tensorflow.js, these experiences are accessible to anyone with a computer, webcam, and internet connection.

Read more about the project on its Experiment page.

Mixing movement and machine
Google Best of Design 2019 * AICP NEXT Awards Shortlist for Digital Experiences * The Keyword * Black Enterprise * Dance Land